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Neuroplasticity-Harnessing Whole Health for Nutrition, Sleep, Activity, Stress Management, Meditation, and Conscious Breathing.

HeartGLO is available on your iOS mobile device – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – for just 99¢

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Learn Attention-Based Wellness

Learn practices in each category that optimize mind-body health, rebalance you with nature, enhance your brain’s ability to grow and evolve.

Track Daily Practices

We empower you to track practices by simply tapping on corresponding hearts. This act of tracking and managing your own practices each day boosts mindfulness and neuroplastic change.

Measure Progress

Assess the cumulative effect of health choices through your daily HeartGLO score. Measure progress in a beautiful interface with graphs, statistics, and trends.


Earn Awards

Earn awards for making great everyday health choices. Unlock virtual Zen Gardens that grow and blossom as you affirm your commitment to living well over time.

Customize Tools

Customize timers for activity, breathing, and meditation. Set alarms to remind you to practice or to track your daily choices. HeartGLO provides a personalized wellness coaching experience.

Access Key Resources

Access video tutorials and guided audio to support daily practices like yoga, meditation, and breathing. Go further with nutrition guides and stress relieving nature sounds.

Cultivate Self-Care

Cultivate true compassion through mind and body self-care. Learn to build positivity and interrupt negative cycles. Unlock your new potential for memory, focus, and creativity.

Nourish, Heal, Empower … Live the Difference

Our Philosophy

  • Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine, stated that illnesses arise out of small daily sins against nature. Only when corrected, can true health be restored. HeartGLO helps us do this by rebalancing us with nature so we can activate our own intrinsic healing power.
  • Above this, HeartGLO helps us grow our brains by harnessing the capacity of our  structural and synaptic neuroplasticity.  Simply put, through our HeartGLO practices we can be smarter thinkers and enjoy our lives better by actually creating our own pathways of happiness.
  • It also integrates powerful age-old Eastern practices like mindfulness, or concentrated attention, and Satsatya, truth available only in the present. Learning these improves the quality & benefit derived from all our ordinary activities.
  • Practicing HeartGLO is about awakening our own consciousness.

 HeartGLO Method

  • HeartGLO is a highly unique cross-modality program. By combining breakthroughs in frontier sciences like epigenetics & neuroplasticity with age-old foundations of wellness, it offers a one-of-a-kind Science meets Ancient Wisdom healing approach.
  • Each wellness category is critical to whole health, but to differing degrees. Your HeartGLO Score is your daily wellness barometer to get you familiar with how doing or skipping practices affects you.
  • Within each category, daily choices are broken down and explained to empower you with knowledge.  This simplifies What you need to do to so you can focus your attention on the execution.
  • Tracking and assessing your progress helps you become your own health manager, and a self-aware individual.

Your Benefits

  • HeartGLO was created to help you heal, find your optimal balance, and energize you for daily life. In addition to lowering key clinical disease markers, it offers lots of other practical benefits.
  • Attention-based practices helps increase focus, memory, creativity, analytical-reasoning, emotional regulation and more.
  • Nutrition and Activity practices boost digestion, metabolism, circulation, immunity, and regenerative processes.
  • Stress Management helps fight the toxic effects of high cortisol and decreased insulin sensitivity, while boosting neurochemicals responsible for feelings of happiness, confidence, and compassion.
  • As the cost of healthcare continues to skyrocket, there are huge savings in preventing chronic diseases for all stakeholders, especially employers, insurers, and providers.

Go Beyond Quantitative Tracking – Re-conceptualize Health and Embrace Wellness With HeartGLO

HeartGLO Makes it Easy for You to Learn:

Metabolism-Enhancing Nutrition

Learn nutrition practices that enhance your digestion, metabolism, energy, and nourishment. Avoid calorie counting or fad-diets. Learn how and when to eat – not just what to eat – while cultivating gratitude for your food.

Regenerative Healing Sleep

Learn how to cultivate sleep patterns that reset your natural circadian rhythm and enhance the quality of your sleep. Feel energized in the morning and discover how to unwind in the evenings to achieve maximum rejuvenation and healing benefits.

Naturally Energizing Activity

Track daily exercise and learn to integrate activity naturally throughout the day to maintain consistent high energy levels and fight the risks of sedentary living. Listen to the intrinsic feedback your mind and body offer you to cultivate self-awareness.

  Effective Stress Management

Learn to harness positivity by interrupting negative thought cycles, manage anxiety, and effectively deal with daily stress triggers. Adopt simple methods to enhance self-confidence and self-compassion.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Explore different techniques for your daily meditation practice. Customize meditations with countdown timers, nature sounds, and chimes. Follow one of the powerful, zen HeartGLO guided meditations.

  Powerful Conscious Breathing

Learn authentic techniques for conscious breathing (pranayama) which are loaded with health benefits. Cultivate a daily practice to calm, energize, uplift, and effectively center you – counterbalancing the hectic pace of modern life.

Conscious Consumption of Excesses

Track and learn to reshape negative lifestyle choices. Be mindful of consuming excesses like junk food, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and others without self-judgment. Prevent unhealthy overindulging.

Explore Articles and Studies to Understand More

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HeartGLO helped change my life! From the breathing exercises to the meditation to the guidance on health and wellness, this app is a must-download for anyone trying to live a better life. Great download! A+

ApurvaHeartGLO User

A beautiful and informative app! I’m excited and motivated to brighten my HeartGLO!

JeslieHeartGLO User

Download this app and start exploring right away. Once you learn the concepts it takes less than a minute to track. Plus there are so many terrific resources! I just did the audio “Inner Renewal Meditation” – felt like a million bucks falling asleep after that. Videos are easily digestible, you can take a novice and turn them into an experienced practitioner with this app.

JakeHeartGLO User

What a terrific array of resources and guided coaching! I’m loving this already and I’ve barely gotten started. Can’t wait to try out the tools for meditation and breathing exercises. Thank you for a beautiful app and fantastic life resource!!

BarbaraHeartGLO User